Speech analytics meets big data. How predictive analytics can deliver for call centres.

Big data has been a hot topic for a few years, and predictive analytics is an aspect of data analytics that purports to forecast the outcome of future events. It does this by examining vast amounts of data, to identify patterns to inform the likely future outcomes of similar events. The power of artificial intelligence or machine learning, partnered with low cost cloud computing means processing huge  amount of data has become cost efficient and accessible to many. Importantly AI can continually take the feedback of real world results to ensure the models accuracy is constantly improving. Essentially the more data the better!

Scoring agents calls automatically

A few calls are selected to assess agents, or to gather insights into your prospects and customers. The results are noted on a “score card”, typically a “tick list” or computer form. Outcome ? A report highlights suggestions for improvements, agents requiring support, important product or customer insights and so on.