More and more businesses are beginning to appreciate what Automatic Speech Recognition, or ASR, can bring to the table. This includes technologies such as speech-to-text conversion and natural language understanding, or NLU. Integrating these solutions with search, customer service, and commerce offers many advantages in a world that’s becoming dominated by digital technology. It is important for businesses today to understand how this can help them identify the true voice of their customers.

ASR Can Help Drive Sales

One of the biggest draws of integrating ASR into your business operation is that it can help boost sales. It provides customers with a personalized experience every time they get in touch with a brand.

Using ASR, call transcripts can be created in real-time and used to help agents give the best response based on the client’s choice of words or tone of voice. In this business model, your sales team becomes better equipped to listen to and recognize the potential buyer’s intent. This will lead to higher conversion.

ASR Can Improve Customer Support

Despite the emergence of AI technologies such as chatbots and instant messengers, customers still rely heavily on voice calls to communicate with businesses. This is especially true if the client has a specific issue that today’s iteration of chatbots is not yet equipped to handle.

Using ASR, this type of call is automatically routed to a sales representative, a customer support agent, a manager, or whoever is equipped to meet the client’s needs. This will create a more satisfying experience that encourages consumers to take profitable action in favor of the brand, whether to make a purchase, hire a service, or schedule a consultation.

As people become more comfortable using voice services, its role in providing a satisfying customer experience will also grow. This means businesses with smart call centers using ASR will have the advantage when it comes to converting leads into sales.

ASR Can Help Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Businesses engaged in enterprise marketing rely heavily on big data to create the most successful campaigns. They need a wealth of information to identify the best strategies and create effective channels to connect with their target audience.

ASR solutions can help businesses generate this data from customer interactions during customer support or sales calls. This includes customer demographics data that can give valuable insight on which products to feature or what solution to offer.

ASR Can Help Optimize Business Operations

Aside from its value in improving customer experience, ASR has various applications for business operations. It can be used to transcribe meetings, presentations, training sessions, and even interviews. Without the burden of having to take notes, attendees can participate more actively during sessions and get more value out of the experience.

ASR can also provide a searchable record for sharing with leadership teams to help them generate appropriate business decisions. Records can also be easily shared with employees and key personnel absent from meetings or presentations, making all briefing and information dissemination more efficient.

Discover how conversational AI benefits ASR

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Andy Andreou

Sales Director