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Compliance checking
Reduce the risk of compliance breaches with speech analytics.

Insure against the risk of non-compliance with our compliance checks.

Insure against the risk of non-compliance

If you only check a small percentage of your customer calls and you work in a regulated sector, there is a risk that unchecked calls may lead to breach of regulations with potentially serious consequences.

What’s improved for me?

“I’m now re-assured that all our customer calls are being checked, greatly reducing our exposure to errors”
“I spend much more time managing the specific agents or calls that are flagged for a closer check”
“We find it much easier to deal with the seasonal peaks in our business, and our planned growth, without an increase in headcount.”

Compliance Manager, health insurance provider, US

Managing risk

100% checking reduces your risk

Automatically scoring every call against your chosen criteria drastically reduces the risk of regulatory or compliance breaches.


Cost reduction

Automation reduces the cost of compliance checks

Automatic scoring dramatically reduces the cost of assessing calls and can flex according to demand.

Deploy staff more effectively

Get more from your quality management team

Quality management staff can be freed up to concentrate on the most important issue calls, improvements to processes, or agent coaching.