Artificial intelligence is changing the way we view technology. It has also raised the bar when it comes to customer expectations. People want personalized service – fast, accurate, and easy. The amount of data processing needed to provide a service of this quality is vast and could not be handled by traditional solutions. However, it is something that Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) easily could.

What is Conversational Artificial Intelligence?

Conversational AI is a broad term referring to a set of technologies that drive speech-enabled applications and automated messaging. It allows computers to interact with humans in a personalized way, understanding language, recognizing context, and formulating human-like responses. This level of personalization elevates customer experience significantly, eliminating the barriers, so customers do not feel burdened by limitations such as lack of live agents or dealing with primitive chatbot technologies.

How Conversational AI Can Engage Customers

AI is one of the leading technological trends, and its popularity will only continue to grow. Studies show that 39% of IT leaders are using it in one form or another, 33% plan to use it within the next three years, and another 19% anticipate that they would need to use it in the next five years. Invest in conversational AI now, so you do not miss out on any of the following benefits:

• Increased Productivity at the Workplace
If you depend solely on live agents, you would need a very large workforce to handle a high volume of calls from all over the world. Most businesses do not have the resources to do this. And for those who do, it is just not practical to take this route. You need a more efficient way to provide quality service to customers, something that will deliver consistently without draining your operational budget. This is what conversational AI can give. By integrating conversational AI into your business, you will be able to handle simple requests from customers. This will give your sales agents and customer support representatives more time to focus on complex calls that would actually benefit from their undivided attention.

• Lower Cost of Customer Service
Customer service entails a lot of costs, but it is something that businesses could not afford to skimp on. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind a company’s success, especially at a time when consumers are more demanding and have higher expectations. Conversational AI is the answer to this conundrum. This technology allows businesses to live up to the high standards of today’s consumers without burdening their operations with exorbitant costs.

• Enhanced Brand Image
Aside from providing direct business applications, conversational AI can be used for brand messaging. More and more people are beginning to appreciate the impact of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and other virtual assistants. Providing a similar experience can lend more prestige to your brand.

• Increased Employee Satisfaction
Conversational AI technologies are not meant to replace human agents. Instead, it is designed to help them and make things easier for them. AI applications can help screen calls and route high-priority calls automatically. They can also be used to reset passwords, check delivery status, and perform other simple tasks.

The key for businesses to thrive in today’s business landscape is by implementing effective conversational AI applications and having productive live agents. Finding this balance will help ensure that you can deliver exceptional service each time a customer reaches out to you.

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Andy Andreou

Sales Director