Technology is constantly evolving and is always offering better ways to do more things. But every now and then, something new may come along that does not only improve on the old ways but completely change the game. One example is conversational AI and its revolutionary impact on user experience. From speech-enabled applications to smart chatbots and intelligent digital assistants, conversational AI is helping businesses take a giant leap in how they deal with their customers and grow their brands. Below are some of the many ways Conversational AI can give businesses today a competitive edge.

Increases Customer Engagement

In the past, the traditional approach to encourage customer loyalty has been to send emails, offer loyalty programs, and constantly be reaching out on social media. While these and similar methods may have proven effective in the past, the changing consumer behavior is making them less effective and efficient. The priorities of customers all over the world have shifted, in large part thanks to the pandemic. Your potential customers will no longer have the patience to jump through endless hoops to get answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. They want to get things done quickly, and you can help them achieve this with conversational AI.

Eliminates the Customer’s Pain Points

Conversational AI can help make it easier for customers to make their purchases. You can personalize your AI’s dialogue and make your program use your technical terms, keywords and jargon. You can even make customer support available 24/7. That way, customers can get in touch with you while waiting for their cup of coffee, pause when it arrives, and pick up where the conversation left off at their own convenience. They can get in touch with you from any device. With conversational AI,you can improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Offers Personalized Interactions

Using conversational AI technology, businesses can personalize the experience they offer each customer. Stored details from old conversations can be used to help your customer find the answers or solutions they need. You can even fine-tune your AI to pick up on unique details and more nuanced information from your customers, like perceived ambiguity, reluctance to answer, or even excitement to be factored in the exchange. This allows the chatbot, digital assistant, or whatever touchpoint was used to provide a human-like interaction.

Provides Consistent User Experience

Conversational AI can help provide a personalized experience that still measures up to your customer service standards. AI is not subject to personal biases and does not come programmed with any predispositions. If the context remains the same, it can give the correct response regardless of how the question was phrased. This can ensure that while each interaction is unique, the quality of service remains consistent.

Enhances Brand Image

In a customer-centric world, it is important to provide a great user experience. How consumers feel about your brand will determine if a business succeeds or fails. In today’s digital business landscape, implementing conversational AI is one of the best ways to provide the high-quality service that consumers today have come to expect. This level of commitment to the customers can enhance your brand image and encourage customer loyalty.

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Andy Andreou

Sales Director