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Quality Management
Automate call scoring and transform your approach to quality management.

Improve your quality management with Vivo Speech Analytics.

Free your quality management team

Automate call scoring allows your staff to focus on agent performance and process improvements. Deliver better results, quicker and at a far lower cost than manual call scoring.

What’s changed for me?

“I spend less time listening to calls, and most of my time on coaching”
“We don’t randomly sample calls anymore – speech analytics tells us which agents need my help the most”
“I now have time to send interesting insights to other teams in marketing, customer support and product management”
“I have a more co-operative and open relationship with our agents – after a call is scored they can review & comment on the call themselves – and when we meet its about improving, not just listening to calls”

QM Manager, mid-sized contact centre, UK

See the big picture

Measure all your calls

Do you score 5% or less of your calls? How many interactions are going unchecked? See the full picture, quickly and inexpensively.

Boost productivity

Boost productivity

Free your quality management team to deliver real value

Do your quality management staff randomly audit a few calls, for each agent, each month? With speech analytics every call can be checked, freeing staff to concentrate on important calls, agent coaching or process improvements.

Support your agents

Help your agents to deliver

Automatic call scoring means you quickly identify what support each agent may require, to help make them more productive.