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Sales optimisation
How do you get more from the opportunities you have already created?

Looking for ways to increase your sales revenue? Try Vivo Analytics.

Win more sales from the leads you generate.

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales revenues? Find out how to win business from the interest you have already created, without spending more on marketing.

We are increasing our sales with speech analytics

“We have a wide spread of results from our sales teams, especially with new starters, speech analytics has helped us find the techniques that close most appointments and sales”
“We use speech analytics to identify those agents not converting phone inquiries to face-to-face showroom appointments. By improving their call handling skills, we have increased footfall, resulting in a significant improvement in closed sales“

Home improvements company, UK.

Uplift sales

Make more of the leads you create

Customers language will signal when they are ready to buy. Understanding the steps in a successful sale and identifying when steps are missed is key to closing more leads.


Finding “hot” leads

Spot the best sales leads

Wouldn’t it be great if every sales enquiry was a “hot” lead? Vivos predictive analytics looks at historical data and predicts when a caller is a “hot lead” and much more likely to buy. More experienced agents can be matched to the most promising leads.

Turn around lost opportunities

Stop good leads from slipping away

Missed opportunities can quickly be picked up and be recontacted, before the customer is lost.