A few calls are selected to assess agents, or to gather insights into your prospects and customers. The results are noted on a “score card”, typically a “tick list” or computer form. Outcome ? A report highlights suggestions for improvements, agents requiring support, important product or customer insights and so on.

What are you missing out on?

  • It isn’t cost effective to monitor all calls, so 95% (or more) of calls go unchecked.
  • You have no visibility of the majority of your customer interactions.
  • The rich seams of useful information contained in thousands of calls are unexplored.

Automatic call scoring – What is it and what does it deliver?

The marriage of artificial intelligence with low cost cloud computing can now deliver powerful, cost effective speech analytics for organisations of all sizes.

Our service can be “trained” to accurately identify words or to categorise calls, for example find a new sales enquiry, a customer likely to cancel a contract, an upsell opportunity. You can track:

  • Terms that are desirable or mandatory that should be part of each call (contract terms, special offers, regulatory statements and so on).
  • Automatically measure each agents performance, on every call.
  • Positive customer comments (what are we doing right ?) and negative calls (“I’m not happy”, “can I speak to a manager” and so on)
  • Marketing & competitor information. Do callers mention competitors offers, new services or products, marketing initiatives that could impact you?

Why monitor a few calls when you can check all your calls with accuracy, quickly and cost effectively?

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Andy Andreou

Sales Director