Everyone in an organisation should be looking for better ways of doing things; failing to do so not only builds in cost, but ensures your bottom line never reaches it’s potential. Assuming the organisation is working hard and efficiently what then? Simple – you look harder and work even smarter, and that’s exactly what Vivo Analytics does for you.

Find the most promising leads, quickly

We help you focus on those contact centre generated sales leads and potential customers that WILL generate sales, whilst managing those that probably won’t. With help from Vivo Analytics this can be done by analysing your voice calls, and it can be done within seconds!

Keeping a sales team on the road is really expensive, so why wouldn’t you want their effort concentrated on the leads you know have the highest chance of closing? Why are they still going to the leads you strongly suspect know won’t close? Is that because you can’t tell them apart? Well, you can now.

How we find that “hidden treasure”

Vivo Analytics’ Predictive call service uses a neural based speech engine to analyse 100% of your sales enquiries.This means no longer sampling one or two percent and trying to predict meaningful sales activity, but automatically detecting hot leads, upselling opportunities, and pre-churn calls from 100% of your calls – and within seconds. It’s guaranteed to outperform expensive human intervention by a huge margin, and with an accuracy equal to or better.

We have just two remaining slots for a free pilot of this revolutionary technology. Get in touch for an online demonstration today.

Remember: data quantity together with accuracy is a winning combination! Make sure that’s your business.

Russ Eden

New Business Development