Recent technological advancements have given rise to many speech-enabled applications and automated messaging. Known to the industry as conversational AI, this technology allows for more personalized interactions between brands and consumers — an important necessity amid the evolving consumer behavior of today’s digital business landscape.

Conversational AI offers many benefits to those who have the foresight to invest in it. But before we get into this, we should first take a closer look at what conversational AI means.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a technology that allows computers to communicate the way humans do. It enables AI-capable applications like chatbots to recognize text and speech, understand intent, and respond in a way that closely resembles human interaction. Natural language processing (NLP) and other AI algorithms are the driving force behind these capabilities.

Why Should Businesses Use Conversational AI?

Today, businesses across all industries are investing heavily in conversational AI. If you are not among them, you run the risk of being outdone by your competition and potentially miss out on the following opportunities:

• Engage your target audience personally and at scale
It cannot be stressed enough how big of an impact technology has on consumer behavior. Technology has empowered customers all over the world and increased their level of service expectations. This means customers now anticipate a more personalized customer conversation across different touchpoints. One of the biggest benefits of conversational AI is that consumers can now move seamlessly from one channel to another, whether from live chat to messenger apps to social channels. With this much reach, you can connect with more of your target audience at a more meaningful level.

• Accommodate a high volume of customer calls
There are many instances where your business might suddenly experience an influx of calls from many customers. This can be due to several things, from changes in the season to emerging trends in the ongoing pandemic. Conversational AI can help businesses manage these spikes by filtering incoming calls and routing them to virtual assistants, sales representatives or customer support.

• Improved customer service
Chatbots and voice bots are now at the forefront of every brand’s customer engagement strategies. Using these conversational AI solutions, customers can instantly get in touch with a brand, whenever and from wherever. What makes it easier for businesses to implement this is that this feature can be scaled up or down when necessary. This can help you achieve a level of customer service that should be almost impossible to get with traditional methods like call centers.

• Focus your marketing and sales efforts
With conversational AI, you not only reach more of your target audience but also be able to access more stored user information than you can use to better anticipate and understand their needs. You can get data based on your users’ locations, age, social media preferences, and other buyer profile details that you can use to create more relevant content and deliver it at the right time to maximize conversion.

With the current state of digital technology, it won’t be long before conversational AI becomes a necessity and not just an option. Stay ahead of the curve by investing in it now.

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Andy Andreou

Sales Director