Who are Vivo?

December 21, 2020 – In: Vivo Analytics

Turning your customer conversations into meaningful insight.

The chances are you have heard of “speech analytics”, already use or considered what speech analytics could do for your business. its one of the “hot” technology topics, with many discussions surrounding the technology, future trends and best use cases.

As with any developing business tool there is debate about the best approach, potential benefits, return on investment, and whether the reality in delivery meets customers expectations and matches the hype.

So who are Vivo Analytics ?

Vivo was created to make speech analytics easy to use, cost effective and to overcome the issues that have arguably limited the success of some speech analytics solutions in the past.

We believe our approach makes speech analytics both viable and accessible for organisations of virtually any size, across a wide spectrum of sectors. So why do we think we are different?

Ease of implementation

Our pre-built, modular approach reduces the time and cost to create a service for a customer AND we manage the process from end to end. Customers can have as little involvement (or as much of course!) as they wish. You don’t need to be, or to become, a speech analytics expert to reap the benefits.

Flexible approach – we work with you !

We interface to many different services and applications a customer may already have in place, for example their CRM (Customer Relationship Management application) or ticketing system, minimising disruption or the need to “rip out & replace”.

We compliment your existing technology eco-system, and don’t believe in proprietary technologies that lock customers in.


With less time spent creating a service from the ground up, our modular approach allows us to contain costs, and create working services in as little as 30 days, so customers can realise a swift payback on their investment.

Do contact us to explore further the potential benefits of  speech analytics for your organisation, we are always harpy to chat!

Speech analytics made simple. See how it can help you. Contact us now !

Andy Andreou

Sales Director