The year 2020 will always be remembered as the time the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the whole world. But as people learned to navigate the new normal, many important realizations about culture and society emerged. The pandemic changed how many things were done, especially when it came to consumer behavior. 2020 is the year that chatbots and other forms of conversational. AI technologies fully became an integral part of the customer experience.

More and more of today’s customers are beginning to appreciate the benefits of conversational AI. If your business is not yet using this technology, it’s about time that it did. You might want to explore the many ways conversational AI can leverage consumer interaction into profit for your business. Here are a few reasons why:

Understand the Nuances in the Conversation

Today’s customers expect an instant response when they try to connect with a brand. To make things more complicated, the preferred platform usually varies from one user to another. Some people prefer live chats, others prefer social media channels, and others are more comfortable with messenger apps. Regardless of which touchpoint is used, conversational AI can understand the turning points in an interaction, including rollbacks, instant pauses, and repetitive conversations. With this level of comprehension, you can provide the human-to-human interaction that customers are looking for.

Leverage the Context of the Conversation

Unlike human memory, chatbots retain information from conversations made days to weeks or months ago. This means that they can pick up conversations with returning customers from right where they last left off without losing context. Chatbots can resume the interaction based on user information, type of queries, preferences, and other details.

Better Understanding of Sentiment

Conversational AI technologies can break down conversations into phrases and single words. Each word is assessed in terms of triggers, connotations, and placement in the conversation. From there, conversational AI tools can analyze the tone of the interaction and identify the customer’s emotions. This capability is important in determining how to deliver the best customer experience.

Multilingual Capability

In today’s digital business landscape, even the smallest businesses can reach customers from the other side of the globe. In this paradigm, it is crucial to be able to communicate in many languages. Your business can become multilingual through conversational AI. This will allow you to profit from previously untapped markets without having to invest in a translator.
Businesses today can use online tools like Google translator or create a dedicated chatbot for each language. However, the best option is to integrate a multilingual chatbot directly into the e-commerce website.

Access to a Wealth of Actionable Information

Chatbots have built-in capability to collect a treasure trove of information after each customer interaction. This information can provide valuable insight into the customer’s buying habits, consumer behavior, and user intent. With this information, you can create more relevant content, implement a more user-friendly website, and develop innovative ways to improve user experience and increase customer engagement even more. Conversational artificial intelligence in business can also help you make better decisions in a timelier manner.

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Andy Andreou

Sales Director